Meet The Team

Secondary School
  • Mr Dawid Bochen

    Pre K – 12 Principal and IB Middle Years Programme Coordinator Poland

    Mr Bochen has over 10 years of experience in candidate and authorised IB world schools and 8 years of experience in pedagogical leadership roles. In addition to his administrative roles, he teaches DP music. Mr Bochen holds a Master of Arts degree in Music Therapy (graduated with honors) from the Karol Lipinski Academy of Music in Wroclaw (Poland), and a Postgraduate Diploma in Pedagogy, with Specialization in Child Care and School Counseling from the University of Wroclaw. After completing courses at The Principals Training Center in London and Miami, Mr Bochen was awarded the Certificate of International School Leadership. As an IB workshop leader he led various workshops across the Asia-Pacific as well as Africa, Europe and Middle East region. In addition to that he works with the IB as School Visit Team Member and Leader, Reader, and Consultant. Mr Bochen lives in Beijing with his wife and two children.

  • Mr Christopher Theodore Wilson

    School Counsellor United Kingdom

    Christopher Theodore Wilson attended Westminster University located in the heart of vibrant and eclectic central London, where he was awarded a B.Sc. (hons) degree in Psychology and Physiology. After a short period of time working as a research assistant, with a focus on abnormal psychology and psychopathology, at Kings College London University, Christopher began to work with High School students as a counsellor, mentoring, guiding and supporting gifted and talented students and also students who had a range of specific learning difficulties and were underachieving, with the aim of providing them with the strategies and tools, which would allow these students with special educational needs to flourish and reach their full academic, emotional and social potential.

    After successfully completing his M.Sc. in Occupational and Counselling Psychology, Christopher began his international counselling career and so far has worked in five different countries, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Oman, India and Kazakhstan, where he continued his passion and commitment of helping and inspiring young people to self-actualize and become the very best version of themselves.

    In his spare time Christopher enjoys playing the guitar … very badly … listening to a diverse range of musical genres, going to the theatre to watch many different types of performances, playing chess and reading about the latest advances in science and technology.

  • Dr Esther Kim

    IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, DP History and TOK teacher, MYP Korean Language and Literature teacher, Houses and Student Council Coordinator Korea

    Dr Kim holds a Doctor’s degree in comparative literature from Beijing University, and a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature from Seoul National University, Korea.

    Academically: Her doctoral research focused on the subject of the “Cold War culture”, and she wrote her master’s thesis on the subject of “diaspora”. She is interested in several fields, such as: Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, Film Studies, and Women’s Studies.

    Professionally: After obtaining a doctorate in 2013, she has taught literature and Women’s studies in Yonsei University, and Hanyang University in Korea. In 2016 Dr. Kim and her family moved back to Beijing, where she has taught IB MYP and DP Korean Language and Literature at BISS. Dr Kim has a strong passion for educating young people, and always encourages and empowers students to develop into caring, knowledgeable and principled human beings, who can impact the world in positive ways.

    Personally: She enjoys reading literary works. Whenever she has free time she heads to gym and exercises in order to lead a balanced life. In addition to this, spending time with friends and family is one of her highest priorities. The Kim family consists of Dr Kim, her husband Daniel Yoon and three adorable children TaeQ (2008), Yoon (2011) and Na Gyeong (2016). They have lived in Beijing on, and off for 11 years.

  • Ms Jing Zhai

    MYP and DP Chinese Language and Literature Teacher, Language and Literature Department Coordinator, SAT Test Supervisor USA

    Ms Jing Zhai is originally from Beijing, China. She holds a Master’s degree in Foreign Language and Literature from the University of Wisconsin, USA. Upon graduation, Ms Jing Zhai was offered faculty positions from Marquette University and University of Notre Dame.

    Prior to coming to BISS, Jing Zhai worked with Marquette University as the Chinese instructor and program coordinator, working primarily to set up the Chinese program. Jing Zhai enjoys traveling as well as spending time with family and friends.

  • Mr Kwok Hei Ng

    MYP Mathematics, IB DP Maths Hong Kong

    Mr Ng is originally from Hong Kong but he has lived in New Zealand for a long time. He received his first degree in Surveying and second degree in Mathematics from University of Otago, New Zealand. After finishing his Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching from University of Canterbury, New Zealand, he taught in New Zealand for more than three years before going to teach at an international school in Korea for two years. During his teaching career, he has taught all middle school and high school level Mathematics, and high school level Statistics and Physics.

    He enjoys traveling and exploring new places and travels whenever he can. Beijing is one of his favorite places since it is full of history and dynamic. This is his first year at BISS and he expects that his time here will be filled with enjoyable memories with his students and BISS family.

  • Mr Michael Neuwahl

    MYP and DP Design teacher, E-Learning Coordinator Holland

    Mr. Neuwahl was born and raised in the Netherlands, and his passions are teaching, traveling and cooking. On a personal level, he is happily married to Ms. Kristi Neuwahl and they have three wonderful children. Professionally, Michael has 13+ years of relevant international experience in the IT field, and has held positions ranging from IT technician to IT director and he has a few years of teaching experience in a several subject areas, among which are MYP and DP Design, as well as English and world history. In the area of academics, he is determined to obtain additional credentials in both the IT and education fields in pursuit of "Doing as we teach." as a lifelong learner. This year he enrolled into the world of academia as a student to obtain a 'Master of Science in Information Technology' degree at Liverpool University. His hobbies include (In no particular order...) cooking, hiking, sports, reading/writing, playing board games, the occasional computer game and spending quality time with friends and family.

  • Mr Pambos Chatzithomas

    Individuals & Societies (Economics & Business Management); ESOL Support; ASAs Coordinator Greece

    Mr. Pambos Chatzithomas comes from Athens, Greece. He holds an MBA and BSc Degree from the University of Aston in Birmingham in the UK, the Diploma in Marketing from the Institute of Marketing and, on examination and after election to membership, has qualified as a Diploma Member of The Market Research Society UK.

    Born in Ghana, raised in Qatar and Cyprus, Mr. Chatzithomas went to the UK for his University tenure and embarked on his career with Procter & Gamble Hellas S.A. and after 5 years left as a Senior Brand Manager to join Pepsi Cola International MENA Division in Dubai, UAE as Field Marketing Manager for the lower Gulf. Within 5 years he grew to Market Manager Arabian Peninsula, to Marketing Manager of the entire MENA Division (22 countries) and to Country Market Manager of Jordan. He then returned to Greece and started working for many years at the IB Diploma level teaching Business Management & Economics fulfilling his wish to share with his students his invaluable experience with multinationals.

    In 2016 he followed his wife to Beijing, China and now works at BISS International School in Beijing where he expands on his multicultural savvy teaching international and local students at the IB DP level.

    Mr. Pambos Chatzithomas loves learning and taking on new challenges and is always willing to assist colleagues and students.

  • Ms Tomoko Takimoto

    Japanese Language & Literature Japan

    Ms. Takimoto hails from Japan, she holds the Bachelor of Art in Literature from Aoyama Gakuin University. She has taught English and Japanese to Junior High and High School l students for several years until my first son was born.

    She has been residing in Beijing for the past three years with her husband and two children. During her time in China she has continued her education by studying Chinese Language at the University in Beijing.

    In her free time she enjoys expanding her knowledge of China and Chinese cultures with exciting travels.

  • Ms Su Ren

    MYP and DP Visual Arts teacher China

    Ms SuRen (Cao Xiaoyan) comes from Sanyuan county, Xianyang City, which has a rich history of Chinese calligraphy. She started to learn traditional Chinese ink painting at the age of 9, and other forms of art such as watercolor painting, sketch, gouache later on until 17. Ms SuRen graduated from Communication University of China in Beijing with a bachelor degree of Arts minored in Art Design (Media Creation), majored in Journalism, and a master degree in Communication. Ms SuRen has been teaching as mandarin teacher and Chinese art instructor for the past 10 years in Beijing. Since 2014 she started SuRen Ink Worshop and has been bringing her calligraphy and ink painting workshop to other countries, such as Germany, France, Korea and Mexico.?Ms SuRen is full of energy and passion for communicating with others and sharing art with people from all over the world. She believes that with time and practice everyone can write calligraphy, do ink and oil painting, sketch, take photos, make videos, or create any other pieces of art to express oneself.

  • Ms Selinna Mu

    Chinese Language Acquisition/ Chinese Language & Literature; Chinese Culture Facilitator China

    Ms Selina Mu holds a Master degree of Art from Peking University and majored in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.

    She has been teaching Chinese Language for over 10 years. She likes reading, hiking, listening music. She is the mother of two lovely kids. And all her family members are keen to travel. This is her first year in BISS and she hopes to implement an environment in which everyone enjoys Chinese Language and culture.